Friday, 27 July 2012

Introductions at hand

Hi There!

My goodness is someone reading this? Wow! Who knew that someone would actually care about the random ramblings of a female player in a sci-fi MMOFPS namely, DUST 514.

"So whats this bitch going to preach about" I hear you cry. Well, thats actually a very good question with a fairly simply answer. DUST 514 (thats dust five one four, not five fourteen by the way) I am going to write about playing this game through the eyes of a 22 year old media student from Oxford but originally from good ol' London.

But why should you care what I write? Frankly I don't really care if you do care or not, I'm just doing this because I am opinionated and I feel like it. I'll be commenting on dust news, various happenings and whatever else while of course keeping the NDA intact. Another reason I started this blog was partially because of some of the retards in voice coms who have and will tell me to go back to the kitchen and make a sammich. ¬_¬

More after the break.

While usually I couldn't give a rats arse even if it was shaped like bloody Russell Brand's face ranting about his latest conquest, I still feel, as a member of the xx club, to comment on these fat, stupid, basement dwelling, cheese fapping twats. You may have noticed by now but this blog will not be impartial it will be very opinionated, biased but always truthful. I don't Wanna try to stick up lines to beef up my name or anything like that I'm just making a blog because I feel like it. Now anyone who has trouble with that can just basically fuck off.

So a little about myself, yes? Well other that I'm 22 and female you wont be getting much out of me about my private life. I'm here to talk about dust so lets talk about my dust persona, Jenza Aranda. Right now CCP has yet to implement female characters so my poor girl, Jenza has a strangely large cod piece. I am also the Chairwoman for the upcoming DUST 514 corp Betamax. A corp which has some fierce members and am extremely proud to be part of. I am not exactly Zitro(an insanely skilled player in betamax) when it comes to using a gun on the ground, though I can still hold my own. I excel at vehicles. Tanks and Dropships.Ill leave it at that as any more may be a violation of NDA.

Another reason I made this vid was because of the abomination of a site, Dustmercs.
This blog is basically be the result of if FOX news ate a horrible website designer then shat out this. Dark blue on back, ugh! my eyes! They bleed! Then there are the articles. Self bloating ego monsters who write uninteresting articles then big them up on the dust 514 forums. This trainwreck of a blog was even featured on CCP's community spotlight in the newsletter. If the best CCP has to offer is THAT site, then there are some serious problems at hand.

So here I am, baring my dust soul. Love me, hate me, barrage me with crappy insults. I ain't gonna let you forget me.


  1. You had me at "cheese fapping twats" :D

  2. then start good fansite, they are the only ones that write something about dust... and ccp is desperate for good fansites but nobodys doing shit. its easy to write they are bad, and we know that... but nobody doing anything to stop that is worst part.