Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Many of you may have heard that things are changing with betamax. We will be making a public announcement soon detailing exactly what these changes are, until we do please be patient.
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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Thoughts on NDA violators

For those who don't know, dust 514 is under a strict NDA (non disclosure agreement) that means that you are not allowed to talk about, post or store images of the game outside the confines of the Dust 514 forums and other NDA approved areas under punishment of a permaban from dust 514 altogether. Now, this may seem drastic, but in this entry I will talk about why its a good thing CCP has such a firm stand against such things and why we, as the community should rally against infractions.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Interview with contrabanjoe on the interview with contrabanjoe

So recently contrabanjoe, a notable name from the PS3 game MAG did an interview with dustmercs. So I decided to interview him about the interview! Read more after the break

Introductions at hand

Hi There!

My goodness is someone reading this? Wow! Who knew that someone would actually care about the random ramblings of a female player in a sci-fi MMOFPS namely, DUST 514.

"So whats this bitch going to preach about" I hear you cry. Well, thats actually a very good question with a fairly simply answer. DUST 514 (thats dust five one four, not five fourteen by the way) I am going to write about playing this game through the eyes of a 22 year old media student from Oxford but originally from good ol' London.

But why should you care what I write? Frankly I don't really care if you do care or not, I'm just doing this because I am opinionated and I feel like it. I'll be commenting on dust news, various happenings and whatever else while of course keeping the NDA intact. Another reason I started this blog was partially because of some of the retards in voice coms who have and will tell me to go back to the kitchen and make a sammich. ¬_¬

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