Friday, 27 July 2012

Interview with contrabanjoe on the interview with contrabanjoe

So recently contrabanjoe, a notable name from the PS3 game MAG did an interview with dustmercs. So I decided to interview him about the interview! Read more after the break

[20:44:01] <jenza> So I think the biggest question people have when they see your name, is this. Why the fuck did you do a interview with dustmercs of all places? :)

[20:46:46] <ContraBanJoe> Jenza, it's the most accessible place for me to take a steamy shit on trolls.... "HI TROLLS!"

[20:47:54] <jenza> I see, fascinating! I also saw that you where recently featured in CCP's dust 514 newsletter. how would you describe your thought process when you saw this?

[20:49:25] <ContraBanJoe> Jenza, at first I was like, OMG OMG OMG, I spent 5 games last night trying to get a single kill (no luck), and somehow I'm a "Legend".   Then the horror of it set in.... people will want me dead!

[20:50:03] <ContraBanJoe> Which, by the way, shouldn't be too difficult, I ran out of isk on the 4th game.

[20:52:12] <jenza> my goodness! So having never played MAG I'm sorry i say i never heard of you till Dust 514, why do you think they wanted to do an interview on you for a different game with unrelated game mechanics?

[20:53:07] <ContraBanJoe> Jenza, If I could answer that question, I probably would not have done said interview.  BRB, gotta poop... trolls are starving.

[20:57:14] <jenza> Some say that fame can be a bad thing, and that apparently you feel that some players want you dead after the interview. having done it, what is your message to the dustmercs posters?

[21:04:45] <ContraBanJoe> Fame can be a bad thing, but bad is subjective.  If you see everything as grey, then there is some good in fame as well, what good that is I have no friggin clue.   Ummmm, message for the posters on dustmercs?   Hmmmm, "Read a real blog, like this one BetaMax is doing!"  Wink Wink Jenza!

[21:05:20] <ContraBanJoe> PS... Don't go into the bathroom for a while!

Many thanks to Contrabanjoe for the interview. If anyone is interested in contacting ContraBanJoe for Diplomatic purposes, or possible recruitment, feel free to check out his Corporation HeadQuarters @

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  1. This is quite funny to see Contrabanjoe it has nothing to do with fame that you are hunted. it has everything to do with your actions towards others in real life and how you have affected them. Feed the soul not the ego. Your a fool without those who helped you step up the ladder. when you were done using others you played with their daily lives. You sir need a good dose of reality.